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Our History

Peter J. King Family Foundation 


In 1994, Peter J. King established the Peter J. King Family Foundation as a way of giving back to the St. Paul community where he started and grew his business.   Viewing his philanthropic work as an “investment”, Peter focused on capital projects as a way to support the work of local organizations for generations.


Having grown up in Depression-era Boston, Peter felt that every child deserves a fair chance to succeed, and that strong families are an important part of each child’s success.  The result is the Foundation’s mission:

“to provide bricks and mortar funding to organizations whose activities are dedicated to the improvement of children’s health, education and welfare, and to building a stronger family environment.”


Through the Foundation, he has provided major funding to numerous organizations throughout St. Paul, the broader Twin Cities area and beyond.  Peter passed away in 2011, but his legacy lives on as his estate has provided permanent funding that will allow the Foundation to continue to support our community in perpetuity. 




Peter J. King







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